Retech Geosolutions provides various geotechnical solutions including slope stability analysis, design of ground improvement works, design of reinforced soil walls, Design of reinforced soil slopes, Liquefaction assessment, bearing capacity assessment and settlement assessment for shallow foundations, Pile capacities calculation, Review and Assessment of various soil investigation reports along with provision of expert recommendations for various geotechnical works, Design of gravity gabion walls, design of slope protection and erosion control measures, river training works, forensic review of failed structures from geotechnical prospective and providing advices for restoration works, design of temporary reinforced soil slope embankments, geotechnical value engineering, Veneer Stability analysis for landfills, review and finalization of geotechnical reports to match with acceptable/exceeding industrial standards for various projects.

Design Services:

Detailed Designs:
  • Design of Ash ponds
  • Design of Raw water reservoirs
  • Design of Landfills
  • Designs of Ground Improvement works such as stone columns, Preloading, PVDs, Geosynthetics etc.
  • Design of Highway / Railway embankments.
  • Design of Reclamation works for ports / marine works.
  • Design of subgrade stabilization works.
  • sign of River training works
  • Design of erosion control schemes
  • Design of Reinforced Soil Walls for ROBs, VUPs, LVUPs, Flyovers, Interchanges, PUPs etc.
  • Design of Reinforced Soil Slopes.
  • Design of Embankments on Soft Soils.
  • Design of water/soil pollution prevention schemes
  • Design of Gabion Walls.
  • Design of Gabion Mattress.
  • Design of Liquefaction prevention measures.
  • Design of temporary retention schemes.
  • Analysis Service:
    • Assessment of Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations (Footings / Rafts).
    • Assessment of Bearing capacity of Storage Tanks.
    • Assessment of Pile Capacity.
    • Assessment of settlement for various structures / buildings.
    • Slope Stability Analysis of Existing Slopes / Deep Sloped
    • Excavations /Complex Geometries with various structures.
    • Slope Stability analysis of any proposed new structures.
    • Assessment of Geotechnical data of Instrumentation and Monitoring.
    • Forensic Geotechnical studies.
    Geotechnical Material Selection/Procurement:
    • Geosynthetic Materials such as Geogrid, Geotextile, GCL, Geomembrane, Geonet, PVD etc.
    • Gabion, Gabion Mattress.
    • Rock/Stone Pitching Material.
    • Soil Material for Earthwork.
    • Drainage Type and Material.
    • Stone / Boulder Pitching material.
    Geotechnical Reports:
    • Review of Geotechnical Investigation Reports.
    • Review of Geotechnical Interpretative Reports.
    • Review of Geotechnical Instrumentation Reports.
    Geotechnical Investigation Planning & Management:
    • Are you involved in any Geotechnical Investigation project and not sure, how to manage it? Allow us to manage it. We provide Geotechnical Investigation Planning and Management Services.